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About Us: North Carolina Office on Disability and Health


People with disabilities experience more health disparities than people without disabilities. The North Carolina Office on Disability and Health envisions a state where people with disabilities have the opportunity every day and in all places, to be healthy and participate in all aspects of community life.


NCODH promotes the health and well-being of people with disabilities in North Carolina by improving access to services and opportunities and by decreasing health disparities.


  • To increase awareness and understanding of the health related needs of individuals with disabilities.
  • To improve access and inclusion for persons with disabilities in all areas of public health.
  • To develop health promotion programs and educational materials for consumers and professionals.
  • To analyze and report on research and data.
  • To influence disability policies and procedures related to public health.

Resources and Data

Working with Us

The North Carolina Office on Disability and Health offers training and technical assistance designed to help make facilities, services, and policies inclusive of people of all abilities and to assist with the development of local partnerships with disability organizations. Below are some ways we can work with your group or organization:

  • Presentations: NCODH presents to professional, community and other groups on the health and wellness of people with disabilities.
  • Site surveys: NCODH performs assessments of physical environments to determine accessibility and provides suggestions on how to increase accessibility and enhance communication with people with disabilities. 
  • Trainings: NCODH provides trainings on effective communication with people with disabilities and accessible outreach and messaging.
  • Partnerships with local disability community groups: NCODH assists in identifying local disability groups in your area that have common goals and efforts for collaboration.
  • Document review: NCODH helps determine if materials are written in a way that accommodates all audiences.
  • Policy review: NCODH reviews policy documents and provides accessible language and concepts to make policies more inclusive.


For more information, contact the NC Office on Disability and Health, Children & Youth Branch 919-707-5600.