Survival Story - Mr. Cornell Wright

"Divine healing comes from divine direction to proper treatment..."

These words were spoken to me years ago by a wise man just recovering from prostate cancer treatment. At the time I was working as a co-lead in a clinical research study at Duke University and didn't fully understand what he meant. Fast forward to 2018: I was diagnosed with heart health issues and began to fully connect the dots. My journey to healing started with seeking help from my medical team and support systems. It's one thing to tell others how to improve their health, but I was now leaning on the same knowledge to make sure I got on the path to health and wellness myself. I worked with my health team to alter my diet and exercise plan. Ever since then I have seen positive outcomes in my health which have allowed me, not only to survive, but also to thrive. The words spoken by that wise man have changed my life.


~Cornell Wright

Executive Director

DHHS Office of Minority Health and Health Disparities