Healthy North Carolina 2020: Resolution to Make North Carolina Healthier

Sign the Resolution for a Healthier State

Join us by following the recommendations of our state's health leaders summarized in the report Healthy North Carolina 2020: A Better State of Health (PDF, 7.3 MB; also see the Healthy NC 2020 Technical Report) -- which was produced in collaboration with the North Carolina Institute of Medicine -- and sign the resolution to make North Carolina a healthier state.

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Resolution to Make North Carolina Healthier

WHEREAS, the 2018 America’s Health Rankings listed NC as 33rd in overall health1; and

WHEREAS, NC ranks poorly on other health indicators including health outcomes, health behaviors, access to care and socioeconomic measures2; and

WHEREAS, prevention and wellness can save lives, reduce disability, improve quality of life, improve productivity and may decrease health care costs; and

WHEREAS, improving modifiable behaviors can improve health outcomes; and

WHEREAS, the North Carolina Institute of Medicine developed a Prevention Action Plan with recommendations addressing 10 preventable risk factors contributing to the leading causes of death and disability in the state, including tobacco use, physical inactivity and poor nutrition, risky sexual behavior, substance abuse, mental health disorders, environmental risks, injuries, infectious diseases, racial and ethnic disparities, and socioeconomic factors; and

WHEREAS, the Prevention Action Plan includes evidence-based strategies to improve population health in the state; and

WHEREAS, the Healthy North Carolina 2020 Objectives address each of the 10 areas listed above in addition to maternal and infant health, oral health, and chronic disease; and

WHEREAS, these health objectives are designed to increase the span of healthy life of the citizens of North Carolina; eliminate health disparities and achieve health equity; promote access to preventive health services; protect the public’s health; foster positive and supportive living and working conditions in our communities; and support individuals to develop the capacities and skills to achieve healthy living; and

WHEREAS, communities, employers, hospitals, individuals and families, insurers, legislators and policy makers, schools and child care facilities, and health care providers must work together to improve health behaviors;

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that the undersigned endorses improving health for North Carolina.

  1. United Health Foundation. America’s Health Rankings. Accessed March 12, 2019.
  2. North Carolina Institute of Medicine Task Force on Prevention. Prevention for the Health of North Carolina: Prevention Action Plan. Morrisville, NC: North Carolina Institute of Medicine; 2009.

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But Wait, North Carolina is Healthy Enough... Isn't It?

North Carolina ranks 33rd among U.S. states in terms of our overall health according to America's Health Rankings.

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Last Modified: May 28, 2019