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Web Services

Does DPH-IT develop websites and/or web applications?

Yes, website design and development services for the Division is available by request. Please call 919-707-5160. An NCPHIN team member will discuss your request and explain the process (such as whether or not DHHS Communications approval is required).

Will DPH-IT develop, maintain, or review the content (copy) for our website?

DPH-IT can not be responsible for creating or reviewing website content for sites. The section, branch, or unit that owns the website should develop and maintain the content. New or significant revisions to website content must be reviewed and approved by the DHHS Communications Office before posting to the "live"/public websites.

Can DPH-IT host our website?

DPH-IT has hosting capabilities and can arrange hosting services. Please contact NCPHIN at 919-707-5160 to begin the process of requesting hosting.

How can we obtain or renew the domain (URL) for our website?

If a "branded" domain is approved for your website by DHHS exception (check with DHHS on current domain policy), you may obtain a domain (URL) by purchasing rights to the domain (if the domain is available) through a registrar for a certain length of time (at least one year). Registration costs vary according to the registrar and duration. You can check availability of a domain by conducting an online search through a registrar. DPH-IT presently uses Network Solutions for processing most domain registration requests. DPH-IT can assist with procurement of the domain by request.

We have an existing website that needs to be updated but no one to do the maintenance - will DPH-IT make the changes for us?

DPH-IT Web Services provides maintenance services by request as resources permit. Please call 919-707-5160, and a team member will discuss your request.

What technologies can I utilize on a website hosted by DPH-IT?

Web Services supports a variety of web technologies. However, specifics of this issue are probably best addressed at the time you make your request.









Updated: October 13, 2016