Administrative, Local, and Community Support

Phone: 919-707-5050
Fax: 919-870-4829

The Administrative, Local, and Community Support (ALCS) Section of the Division of Public Health (DPH) provides both direct and indirect services to the public and local health agencies. Much of our work focuses on providing support which allows the business of public health to operate as seamlessly as possible, so that the Division may better serve the public.

(Note: DPH Human Resources and ALCS are "sister" service units. We work together to achieve goals for the public and DPH employees.)

Service Units

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 ALCS Section Office

Main Number: 919-707-5050
Fax: 919-870-4829

ALCS Section Office Staff Directory

Name Title/Services Phone
Beth Lovette Section Chief and Deputy Director, Division of Public Health (919) 707-5001
Kathy Dail Director, Community Health Assessment (919) 707-5196
Susan Little Interim Branch Head, Local Technical Assistance and Training, HIS Liaision (919) 707-5195
Beth Murray Administrative Support for LTAT (919) 707-5132
Jeff Smedley Administrative Support for ALCS Section Office (919) 707-5002
Vacant Medicaid Senior Advisor (919) 707-5060
Vacant Medicaid Reimbursement (919) 805-4000

 Business Operations Contacts

Main Number: 919-707-5070
Office Number: 919-707-5050
Fax: 919-870-4832


Budget and Accounts Payable

Name Title/Services Phone
Jeneen Preciose Branch Head Business Operations (919) 707-5144
Pamela Allen Business Officer Advanced, Services Assigned: Community & Clinical Community Center (PAN), Diabetes, Heart Disease, Stroke Prevention and Cancer (919) 707-5136
Darlene Anderson Administrative Specialist (919) 707-5088
Brenda Barrett Business Officer, Services Assigned: Nutrition Services Branch, Child and Adult Care Food Program, Summer Food Service Farmer's Market Nutrition Program and WIC-Oral Health (919) 707-5193
Jan Bolick Salary Control, Beacon, Immunization (919) 707-5102
Beverly Gamble Business Officer, Accounts Receivable (919) 707-5078
Juanita Green Administrative Support (919) 707-5072
Sarah Griffin Business Officer, Office of Chief Medical Examiner and State Laboratory of Public Health; Accounts Payable and Cash Management Supervisor (919) 707-5085
Shamim Haeri Business Officer Advanced, Environmental Health Regulation, On Site Water, Asbestos and Lead-Based Paint Hazard Management, Public Health Preparedness and Response (919) 707-5086
Claudia Johnson Accounting Technician (Temp), Accounts Payable, Fixed Assets (919) 707-5098
Pamela Johnson Business Officer, Women and Children’s Health, Sickle Cell, Oral Health (919) 707-5532
Carla King Processing Assistant IV (919) 707-5091
Ron Maggio Business Officer, Injury & Violence Prevention (919) 707-5074
Cannis Norris Business Services Coordinator, Accounts Payable-SCHS, Vital Records (919) 707-5084
Sonya Norris-Rollins Business Service Coordinator, Grant Coordinator, Compliance Supplements (919) 707-5087
Brad Pettyjohn Administrative Support for Budget Office (919) 707-5073
Samantha Radel Business Officer (919) 707-5007
Gremeko Stuart Aid to County Manager (919) 707-5081
Cheri Toner Budget Officer, Forensic Tests for Alcohol, Injury and Violence Prevention, Tobacco Prevention and Control (919) 707-5083
Patricia Ward Chief Budget Officer (919) 707-5075


Name Title/Services Phone
Jalaine Moore Contracts Unit Manager (919) 707-5076
Meena Ahuja Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention (919) 707-5115
Adrienne Gilliatt Agreement Addenda (919) 707-5118
Victoria Gregg Encumbrance Officer (919) 707-5138
Sophia King Team Leader: Women’s Health, Nutrition Services (919) 707-5111
Rhonda Moyer Team Leader: Epidemiology, Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, State Lab (919) 707-5117
David Skordinski Team Leader: ALCS, Children and Youth, Early Intervention, Environmental Health, Immunization, Minority Health and Health Disparities, Office of Environmental Epidemiology (OEE), Oral Health, State Center for Health Statistics and Vital Records (919) 707-5114
Joan Staton Administrative Officer (Temp), Contracts (919) 707-5112


Name Title/Services Phone
Jessica Collins Purchasing Manager (919) 707-5105
Roselyn Bobbitt Administrative Assistant (Temp), Purchasing (919) 707-5104
Nessie Faison Purchasing Technician (Temp) (919) 707-5106
Lesley Lynch P-Card Administrator / Purchasing Specialist (919) 707-5095
Jennifer Stirling Purchasing Technician (Temp) (919) 707-5298
Dean Stockwell Purchasing Specialist (Temp) (919) 707-5420
Vacant Purchasing Agent  

 Health Information System (HIS) Contacts

Main Number: 919-707-5190
Fax: 919-870-4851

HIS Staff Directory

Name Title/Services Phone
Kathy Dail DPH, HIS Nurse Consultant (919) 707-5196
Julie Walker DPH, Help Desk Consultant (919) 707-5192
Vacant DPH, Help Desk Manager and Business Analyst (919) 707-5057
Vacant DPH, Business Analyst (919) 707-5185

Physical Address
North Carolina DHHS
Attn: HIS Project
5605 Six Forks Road
Raleigh, NC 27609

Mail Service Center #1916
North Carolina DHHS
Attn: HIS Project
5605 Six Forks Road
Raleigh, NC 27609

Information Technology

 Local Technical Assistance and Training (LTAT)

The Local Technical Assistance and Training Branch works to strengthen the capacity of local health departments to improve the health of people and communities in North Carolina. The Branch is the Division of Public Health's primary interface with local health directors. Services include generalized nursing consultation, administrative consultation, and accreditation.

Main Number: 919-707-5130
Fax: 919-870-4833
Web: DPH: For Local Health Departments

Local Technical Assistance and Training Branch Staff Directory

Name Title/Services Phone
Susan Little Interim Branch Head; Chief Public Health Nurse (919) 707-5131
Kristin Briggs Director, Continuing Nursing Education (919) 618-3505
Kathy Brooks Administrative Consultant (336) 212-1678
Shnaka Clark Division Program Executive (919) 707-5153
Lynn Conner Nurse Consultant (336) 207-3300
Kathy Dail Director, Community Health Assessment (919) 707-5196
Brook Johnson Administrative Consultant (919) 710-0133
Carolynn Hemric Nurse Consultant (919) 801-0727
Pamela Langdon Nurse Consultant (919) 218-5391
Susan Little Manager; Public Health Nursing, Administrative, and Financial Consultation (919) 215-4471
Marty Melvin Education Planning and Development Consultant (919) 707-5141
Amanda Fuller Moore Division Pharmacist (919) 707-5299
Beth Murray Administrative Assistant (919) 707-5132
Samantha Smith Administrative Consultant (919) 306-0429
Rhonda Wright Nurse Consultant (828) 453-7840
Vacant Administrative Consultant N/A

Last Modified: November 13, 2019