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NCEDSS Authentication

IMPORTANT: The NCEDSS Two Factor Authentication registration method will change for ALL NCEDSS USERS beginning Sunday April 30, 2017.

As you all know, in NCEDSS we have a two-factor authentication process when you log into NCEDSS. After you enter your user ID and password, you are provided with a PIN on registered computers.

We must change our service provider for this two-factor authentication due to contractual issues. We are going to use the two-factor authentication process that is provided with NCEDSS.

New Two-Factor Login Process

The new login process is somewhat simpler than the old one but you will no longer have the option to receive a phone call with your PIN number. The two-factor authentication process that is provided with NCEDSS does not currently provide a PIN-by-phone.

The main login screen is unchanged. The first time that you log in to NCEDSS from a given computer, you will first see the standard login screen. When you provide the correct user name and password, a one-time-use PIN will be generated and sent to your email address or to your "Pager" if you have configured one in your user profile. See below for how to set up your phone for text messages using the “Pager” field in your profile.

You will then be presented with the screen shown below so that you can enter your PIN. If you check the "Remember me on this computer" box, you will not be required to enter a PIN again on subsequent logins. You will be prompted for a new PIN if you change browsers, delete cookies, or log in from a different computer.

NCEDSS login screen

PINs as Text Messages

If you would like future PINs sent to your phone as text messages, you should enter the appropriate SMS gateway information into the “Pager” field in your user profile. The format of this address varies from one cell phone company to another. The # symbols represent your phone number including area code and excluding dashes. Several of the most common are:

Provider Address

Here is a sample "Edit Profile" screen showing the "Pager" field (bottom right) filled in with an example:

NCEDSS Edit User screen