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Notice: Community Health Data Sources

With the increased number of websites available containing health and other pertinent data, there has been confusion regarding inconsistencies of data reported and appropriate sources for accreditation products.  more

Therefore, we have worked collaboratively with the State Center for Health Statistics, the DPH Sections and staff who work with the Community Health Assessment process, the Center for Public Health Quality, the Center for Healthy NC and others, to come to consensus on the following message around data sources.

The increased number of data sources for health data can be explained in part by the increased availability of public use data sets from primary sources and an increased demand for local area data. These secondary data sources, by definition, will incur a lag in timeliness from the original data source. Some data sources do not reference the original data source, but another secondary data source. This increases the confusion.

Trust for America’s Health, County Health Rankings, Community Commons and the N.C. Health Information Portal are all appropriate for the purposes they were created.  However, they are not appropriate for public health accreditation activities such as the Community Health Assessment.

To clarify accreditation requirements you can access the list of valid and reliable sources at the following link: Community Health Assessment Secondary Data and Recommended Sources.

It is critical that you use these data sources to ensure the most timely and highest quality data available. This standardized list of data sources is provided so that meaningful, reliable comparisons can be made across counties and with the state.

If you have any questions about these requirements, please contact Joy Reed at (919) 707-5130 or your PHNPD Nurse Consultant.

Founded on the principles of collaboration, community mobilization, and empowerment, community health assessment is used to identify priority health issues and to plan interventions to build healthier communities with the ultimate goal of making North Carolina one of the healthiest states in the nation.

On these pages, which were developed as a guide for local communities wanting to address health issues in their county, you can:

Learn more and begin making a difference in your community!