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Human Resources: Employment

Note: This page is a work-in-progress. Please email comments and suggestions to Felicia Bridges.

Whether you need to fill a vacant position, reclassify or create a new position, or request a salary adjustment for an employee will determine what documentation must be submitted. The Documentation Required for HR Action Requests Checklist (DOC, 59 KB) will provide guidance on what documentation is required for the action you are requesting. Please note that items on the checklist that have the checkbox grayed out are completed by the DPH HR salary administration staff after receipt of your request.


The Recruitment section of Human Resources handles actions related to filling an established, vacant position. Positions may become vacant through a separation or may be vacant because they are newly created. When considering a vacancy in your unit, you should consult with Budget regarding availability of funds and with Recruitment regarding strategies for posting the position, such as posting internally or externally, length of posting, and use of supplemental questions.

 Filling a Vacant Position

DPH NeoGov Recruitment Guide (PDF, 738 KB)

If you are a manager with a vacant position, you have several options. If your business needs have changed, you may consider re-classifying/reallocating the position to better meet your needs or abolishing (PDF, 114 KB) the position if there is no longer a need for it. You may find that the budget for the position is not sufficient to successfully recruit or that you would like to change the supervisor (PDF, 56 KB) of the position. It is best to correct any concerns about funding or supervision prior to posting the position. If your unit still requires the same work as specified in the most current position description, you will need to request to post and hire. Your first step will be to consult with your Budget Officer regarding funding and with the Recruitment office regarding the wording, length of posting, etc. You will need to submit the following documentation by attaching it to a requisition in NeoGov in order to begin the process to post and hire for a vacant position:

Once the position has been posted and closed, the recruitment office will screen all applications and refer the highly-qualified applicants for your consideration. You will receive specific instructions (PDF, 738 KB) for interviewing, checking references, and submitting your recommended candidate. When you submit your recommendation to hire, you must include the following documentation:

For Career Banded positions, you will also submit the following forms, which are available on the DHHS Banding Forms page.

Please note that under certain circumstances, you may need to submit a justification memo at this point in the process. This is necessary if you are requesting a promotion with an increase greater than ten percent OR if the classification is not under DPH HR delegation of authority. Under current freeze guidelines, these requests will need to be approved at either the DHHS Central HR Office or at the Office of State Human Resources, depending on the amount of the increase. If you are uncertain about whether a particular classification is under the delegated authority of DPH HR, please contact the HR office.


The Classification section of Human Resources manages changes to an existing position, the creation of new positions, and the abolishment of positions which no longer meet business needs.

Possible classification actions include:

 Reallocate a position to a different classification

If you are a manager and have a subordinate position in which the job duties have changed significantly, you can request the position be studied for re-classification. This may result in the pay grade increasing or decreasing and, if filled, may result in an impact on the salary of the current employee. To request this study, you must submit:

 Create a new position

If you are a manager and have the need to create a new subordinate position or have received or expect to receive funding through a new grant for a position, you must submit the documentation for the position to be studied for classification. To request this study, you must submit:

 Abolish a Position

If a position that reports to you is no longer needed and there is no need or ability to re-classify the position to meet your needs, you should abolish the position. In order to abolish a position, you should submit the following:

NOTE: These actions may require two separate actions to be completed in Beacon, one to change the position and one to change the employee if the position is currently filled.


The Compensation section of Human Resources handles changes to an employee’s pay. Possible compensation actions include:

 New Hire/Promotion/Acting Promotion to fill a vacant position

If you are a hiring manager and have selected a candidate to fill a posted vacancy you must first complete the process in NeoGov, including attaching the required documentation per the instructions in the NeoGov Recruitment Guide (PDF, 73 KB) starting on page 5.

  • DPH HR Action Request Form (DOCX, 27 KB) - Initiated by the Hiring Manager; Example (DOC, 27 KB)
  • Justification Memo - Drafted by Hiring Manager; Example (PDF, 146 KB)
  • Employment Application - Printed from NeoGov by DPH HR
  • Vacancy Announcement (New Hire/Promotion) - Printed from NeoGov by DPH HR
  • Equity Analysis (if filled) - Completed by DPH HR
  • Salary Qualification Worksheet (if filled) - Completed by DPH HR

For Career Banded positions, you must also submit:

  • Salary Decision Worksheet (Banded) - Completed by Hiring Manager
  • Competency Assessment* (Banded) - Completed and signed by Hiring Manager; Example (PDF, 74 KB)
  • Aggregate Leveling Form* (Banded) - Aggregate Leveling is completed and signed by the Hiring Manager

*These forms are specific to each classification and can be found at

 Request an In-Range Adjustment

If you are a manager and have a subordinate position for which you believe a salary adjustment is justified for one of the reasons listed below, you must first work with your budget officer to identify the funds needed to provide the requested increase by using the Salary Reserve Request Form (XLS, 33 KB) (Instructions; PDF, 74 KB) and then submit the required documentation to request this adjustment depending upon the type or reason for the adjustment.

Four Reasons for Requesting a Salary Adjustment

  1. In-Range Adjustment Salary Increase for Existing Employee

  2. Career Progression/Competency Level Change

  • DPH HR Action Request Form (DOCX, 27 KB) - Initiated by the Hiring Manager; Example (DOC, 27 KB)
  • Justification Memo - Drafted by Hiring Manager
  • Position Description Form and ADA Checklist (DOC, 114 KB) - Updated by Hiring Manager; Hiring Manager checks all essential functions of the position
  • Salary Decision Worksheet (Banded) - Completed by Hiring Manager; Example (PDF, 37 KB)
  • Aggregate Leveling Form* (Banded) - Completed and signed by the Hiring Manager
  • Competency Assessment* (Banded) - Completed and signed by Hiring Manager
  • Proposed O-Chart - Submitted by Hiring Manager
  • Equity Analysis - Completed by DPH HR
  • Federal Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Test - Completed by DPH HR
  • Analyst Notes – Drafted by DPH HR

  3. Career Progression/Increased Competency or Transfer between Banded Classes

  • DPH HR Action Request Form (DOCX, 27 KB) - Initiated by the Hiring Manager; Example (DOC, 27 KB)
  • Justification Memo - Drafted by Hiring Manager
  • Salary Decision Worksheet (Banded) - Completed by Hiring Manager; Example (PDF, 37 KB)
  • Old and New Competency Assessment* (Banded) - Completed and signed by Hiring Manager
  • Equity Analysis and Aggregate Leveling Form* (Banded) - Aggregate Leveling is completed and signed by the Hiring Manager/Equity Analysis is completed by DPH HR.

  4. Delayed Promotion/Reallocation (Balance)

  • DPH HR Action Request Form (DOCX, 27 KB) - Initiated by the Hiring Manager; Example (DOC, 27 KB)
  • Justification Memo - Drafted by Hiring Manager
  • Copy of original action/PCR notes documenting balance - Printed by HR
  • Copy of original approved freeze release documenting balance - Provided by HR from Personnel File.

Other Forms



For more information regarding Recruitment, Classification and Compensation, please contact:

Staff Phone Fax Responsibilities
Felicia Bridges, Assistant HR Manager 919-707-5458 919-870-4830 Recruitment, classification and salary administrator; reclassifies positions, processes in-range adjustments and manages organizational development.
Kimberly Campbell, Salary Administrator 919-707-5451 919-870-4830 Salary administrator for new hires, transfers, promotions, trainee progressions, salary adjustments, reclassifications and time approvals.
Ashley Kirkwood, Personnel Assistant 919-707-5462 919-870-4830 Assistant to HR Manager and Assistant HR Manager; serves as HR Office Manager, reduction-in-force processor, org charts administrator, organization management liaison, training coordinator, routes secondary employment forms and teleworking forms, creates letters of notification regarding reclassifications and salary adjustments.
Glenn Ruess, Classification Analyst 919-707-5453 919-870-4830 Reclassifies positions, processes temporary employment and dual employment, back-up consultant for workers’ compensation.
Shanda Snead, Recruitment Specialist 919-707-5455 919-870-4830 NEOGOV trainer and consultant; conducts recruitment visits, reviews postings, screens applications, performs drug screens and background checks.
Denyse Wilson, Recruitment Specialist Assistant 919-707-5459 919-870-4830 Creates job postings, tracks actions and I-9 processing; time administrator: resolves time issues, reviews holiday, adverse weather and negative leave reports.

Merit-Based Recruitment

The Division of Public Health uses the Merit-Based Recruitment and Selection Plan to fill positions subject to the State Personnel Act external link (GS-126) with highly-qualified individuals. Consideration will be given to applicants who possess an equivalent combination of related training and work experience commensurate with the minimum job requirements. Only applicants who meet the minimum training and experience requirements will be referred for consideration, unless a trainee appointment is included in the job announcement.

Posting and Application Process

  • Search and apply for jobs
  • Positions are posted for a minimum of five (5) workdays and the list of postings is subject to change on a daily basis.
  • Each job vacancy announcement includes a closing date for accepting applications for employment.
  • A NC State Government Application for Employment (PD-107) external link must be received in the Personnel Office by 5:00 p.m. on the closing date.
  • Applications received after the closing date will not be accepted unless the position is re-posted.
  • Applications must be completed in full detail (listing "see resume" in employment history is not acceptable) and must be signed.
  • Failure to complete the application fully, including signature, may result in an individual not being considered for the vacant position.
  • Applicants may not apply to three positions on one application.
  • Each position requires a separate application which includes the correct position title and position number.
  • Resumes may be attached to the application form as supplemental information, but will not be used in lieu of an application.
  • Signed faxed applications will be accepted.


Salary ranges reflect the minimum and maximum rates for the pay grade of the job class (view the State of North Carolina salary schedules external link ). Hiring ranges reflect the maximum salary that can be paid. Salaries are based on the selected applicant's relevant training and experience, labor market considerations, the need to maintain internal salary equity, available funding and other applicable policies.


The Department of Human Resources/Division of Public Health is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer and provides an alcohol and drug free workplace.